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We hope you had a positive play experience on your most recent visit. We work hard to maintain an affordable, safe, clean, and fun destination for your family. We hope you will share your review to help others find us for their next family fun adventure.

Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review Highly recommend! Friendly and attentive staff, everything was very clean, and the kids (and adults) had a blast!

    Noelle Terry Avatar
    Noelle Terry

    positive review Best place to have a party. very friendly staff, very clean environment we certainly will be going back

    Sharon Lamb Avatar
    Sharon Lamb

    positive review We got to see and play in the playground today and it looks so amazing! Can’t wait for the opening!!

    Taylor Jones Avatar
    Taylor Jones

    positive review my son had a wonderful time we will be back soon!

    Lindsay Riley Avatar
    Lindsay Riley
  • positive review We had my daughters third birthday here and everything was perfect! The kids had a blast and all of the staff was so friendly and helpful. My daughter has already asked to go back numerous times.

    Alexa Driskill Avatar
    Alexa Driskill

    positive review Awesome place to play for kids and adults. Very reasonably priced. Very clean. We will be back, friends in tow!
    Highly recommend!

    Leah Patterson Rush Avatar
    Leah Patterson Rush

    positive review This place is wonderful. I brought my two year old here to play and he had a blast. It is very clean and the staff was very friendly & helpful. Also, the price.....$5 for two hours of play, can’t beat that!! We will definitely be back!

    Lacy Jackson Avatar
    Lacy Jackson

    positive review This place is so much fun!! We had the best time ever!! The staff was excellent!!! Definitely recommend this place for a birthday party or just to come have fun!! All of the kiddos loved it!! Can’t wait to come back!!

    Ashton Whitledge Avatar
    Ashton Whitledge
  • positive review Just celebrated my son’s birthday and had an amazing time! The staff was so friendly! I loved walking into the party room and seeing it already set up with tablecloths, plates, napkins, and utensils. My son and his friends played non-stop and had the best time! Ocean Adventures is the perfect place for a party!

    Brandi English Landis Avatar
    Brandi English Landis

    positive review Thank you for all you did for sweet Logan and Landon!!❤❤❤❤❤

    Lauren Gomez Avatar
    Lauren Gomez

    positive review This place abounds in fun. Friendly staff, super clean, & an A+ safety rating. We will be back soon & often.

    RS Davis Avatar
    RS Davis

    positive review This was an amazing experience! fun for all ages! my kids are 11 months, 2, and 3. And it's very hard to find somewhere that all 3 can play. And Ocean Adventures was PERFECT! Not even just all the things to do but the workers are AMAZING. I previously worked with the owner Billy and he was one of the best managers I've ever had! he does an amazing job, working and interacting with all of the kids! I felt that we were in a very safe place. I dont think I've ever been to a place so clean! We will be returning! I highly recommend Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground! Thank you so much Billy! for opening such a kid friendly place!

    Malissa Escobar Avatar
    Malissa Escobar
  • positive review It’s a lot of fun for the kiddos and parents alike. The environment is all nice and clean and the staff is very, very friendly. 10/10 👏🏻 highly recommend.

    Tricia Kay Greenwood Avatar
    Tricia Kay Greenwood

    positive review My 6 and 3 year old played hard the entire time we were there. The facility is clean and the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend this place and we are looking forward to many more visits.

    Angel Otero Avatar
    Angel Otero

    positive review Great atmosphere, nice staff and my daughter loved it!

    Ashley Cady Avatar
    Ashley Cady

    positive review This place is an amazing asset to Joplin! We give it a 10 out of 10!!!!

    Bethany Bohon Avatar
    Bethany Bohon
  • positive review So much fun!!! Wonderful staff. Very affordable.

    Monica Mitchell Coy Avatar
    Monica Mitchell Coy

    positive review What a fun experience today! Worth the hour and half drive for an family adventure - clean & very friendly staff!

    Tasha Finkus Avatar
    Tasha Finkus

    positive review So fun and clean! My son is young, but they have a space for him too and he loved getting to play! The staff was fantastic too!

    Carra Coffer Avatar
    Carra Coffer

    positive review Very fun. Very clean. Very safe. The staff is exceptional and their commitment to doing things well is great!

    Dalenna Otto Giles Avatar
    Dalenna Otto Giles
  • positive review Took both our daughters ages 5 and 2 plus me the momma! We had a BLAST!!! Highly recommend great fun, cheap, and even the drinks and snacks are very cheap. We will be coming back!!!

    Joe Chels Avatar
    Joe Chels

    5 star ratingGreat place!! My daughter loves this place! She can play safely and very actively for two hours per session. So fun! Good for birthday parties too!


    positive review Very kid friendly atmosphere and awesome staff. We've been 2x and both times have been amazing.

    Christian Clark Avatar
    Christian Clark

    Our daughter had her birthday party at Ocean Adventures, and it was amazing! Thanks for a wonderful experience from start to finish.

    Kayla Barone Spencer Avatar
    Kayla Barone Spencer
  • positive review We have been several times and always have a fantastic time. I highly recommend going.

    Lisa Norman-Shores Avatar
    Lisa Norman-Shores

    positive review Great experience, most defiently a place for kids! And very affordable for a birthday party!

    Nicole Dana Celeste Dunn Avatar
    Nicole Dana Celeste Dunn

    positive review We took a group of special needs kids and they had a blast for the entire two hours! Billy And staff were very accommodating. They were hands-on and helped one of the boys participate to the fullest! We will be back!

    Kathy Webb Avatar
    Kathy Webb

    positive review Our 10 month old played and had tons of fun! We went to the 12:30 and it was almost full. Mostly younger children which was perfect. Hey dad loved playing with her! The man at the desk and supervising was wonderful! We will definitely be going back!

    Nicole Noack Avatar
    Nicole Noack
  • I loved taking our family here! We came when a party was here also but it didn’t feel too crowded. There is a lot of space for the kids to run around. Our oldest is 11 and even she thought it was fun. Will definitely come back when we visit Joplin.

    Melissa Humphrey Avatar
    Melissa Humphrey

    positive review Great place to bring the kids. Very friendly staff and clean. The kids had a wonderful time.

    Diane Rainey Avatar
    Diane Rainey

    positive review We had a great time tonight celebrating a friend’s birthday. I was impressed with how clean the facility was, and how attentive and friendly the staff were!

    Tera Elizabeth Miller Avatar
    Tera Elizabeth Miller

    positive review This wonderful play place is our absolutely favorite thing to do around here. We live in Georgia, but every time we visit family here, this is high on mine and my kids’ list of things to do. It is very clean and they take the time to make sure this is true every time a new play time starts. The staff is unbelievably nice! They are there to keep the kids safe, but also keep the kids having fun! They actually monitor what is going on inside the play area! My seven year old loves it just as much as my four year old! And, it’s only five dollars!

    Emily Berger Avatar
    Emily Berger
  • positive review super fun , super clean and super happy kids!

    Mikki Jean Werner Avatar
    Mikki Jean Werner

    positive review Very fun place for the kids and the staff was amazing wonderful too

    Wanda Donelson Avatar
    Wanda Donelson

    positive review This place is awesome! Very clean and safe. My 1 and 3 year old grandsons had so much fun! It was a weekday early afternoon so it was not at all crowded. The staff is great! We will definitely be back!

    Laura D'Agostino Ayers Avatar
    Laura D'Agostino Ayers

    positive review nice place for kids, Joplin
    needed this.

    Rita Lewis Avatar
    Rita Lewis
  • This place is perfect for smaller kids! Lots to do and very clean!

    Brittany Baker Avatar
    Brittany Baker

    positive review it is a fantastic place for kids to play.

    Kathy Kraft Avatar
    Kathy Kraft

    positive review This was our first time going and we had a lot of fun! It’s well kept and seems to be very clean! I’m picky with indoor playgrounds (I don’t let my son do indoor playground in the winter because normally they’re not well kept and sickness spreads so easily) but this was really pretty nice! He was washed down in sweat by the time we had to go (they keep it nice and cool inside he’s just a busy boy). He had a great time and is already asking if we can go back. Great place for $5 a time. I’d love to get a monthly pass if that was available. I went with a huge group of friends and they all said the same thing - we wish there was a month rate we could pay and just sign up to come when ever the kids need some play time. Great place to bring kids!

    Whitney Grace Lester Avatar
    Whitney Grace Lester

    positive review This place is super clean, very nice temperature, smelled clean, staff interacted well with the guests(kids and parents), and all edges were rounded and or padded. We will be back again soon!

    Jenny Farmer Coleman Avatar
    Jenny Farmer Coleman