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We hope you had a positive play experience on your most recent visit. We work hard to maintain an affordable, safe, clean, and fun destination for your family. We hope you will share your review to help others find us for their next family fun adventure.

Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review We went there for the first time today. Highly impressed on how clean the place was, how nice is smelled, and how friendly the staff was. The place truly is a fantastic place for children, and I look forward to going again!

    Colleen Hayse Avatar
    Colleen Hayse

    positive review Fun and clean environment for my toddlers to play and it is reasonably priced!

    Whittney Armstrong Avatar
    Whittney Armstrong

    We had so much fun!! We took our 2 year old daughter today and had a blast!!! It was fun for me and her dad to!! Loved it we will definitely be back!

    Kimberly Nicole Childers Avatar
    Kimberly Nicole Childers

    positive review Awesome 😎
    I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old and both was able to have fun ! There was no wait times for any of the slides and plenty of space for them to run around safely through the ball pits.
    We will definitely be back !

    Misti Dawn Brady Avatar
    Misti Dawn Brady
  • positive review We just left and this was absolutely the most fun thing to do in Joplin with my kids. We will definitely be regulars and already planing our return trip!

    Ashlee Carter Avatar
    Ashlee Carter

    positive review The best place to take your kids. I actually know my daughter is safe while playing. even the staff is there making sure your child is safe playing.
    Had my d as daughters birthday party also here and it was so nice.
    Just all around great place...

    Nicole Werberger Avatar
    Nicole Werberger

    Had my sons 5th birthday party there well worth all the kids had fun and so did some of us adults. Will so be taken the kids back

    Samantha Jean Marcum Avatar
    Samantha Jean Marcum

    positive review Nice, fun, clean place for the kids to run around and have fun. Nice staff.

    Antoinette Reeves Avatar
    Antoinette Reeves
  • positive review Awesome place! Awesome staff! Birthday Party was perfect!

    Debbie Adams-Arnall Avatar
    Debbie Adams-Arnall

    positive review My daughter had a blast and they don’t allow it to get over crowded.

    Becca Sallee Avatar
    Becca Sallee

    positive review Great place for Kids to run and play. The staff was excellent and my daughter loved it!

    Aleigha Carlton Avatar
    Aleigha Carlton

    positive review it's a great place, I defiantly recommend it. my kiddos had a blast!

    Brandi Parsons Avatar
    Brandi Parsons
  • positive review great place for the kids to play, clean, inexpensive

    Tammy Ford Avatar
    Tammy Ford

    positive review Took my girls here last night and they and myself had a blast! Staff was very friendly and informative since it was our first time. The facility is clean and well kept and I love the fact that everything is sanitized and cleaned after every session. We will definitely be returning!

    Meagan Emily Murray Avatar
    Meagan Emily Murray

    positive review Took my

    Perry Workman Avatar
    Perry Workman

    positive review My 2 year old and I had a great time! We will definitely be back!

    Marley Ellison Avatar
    Marley Ellison
  • positive review We took ten kids to play yesterday as our first time. We were very impressed. The price. The decor. The staff. All top notch! The staff is super interactive and helpful. The building is immaculate and decorated adorable. Thanks for a great day!

    Da'Lacey Dawn Garfield Avatar
    Da'Lacey Dawn Garfield

    I loved taking our family here! We came when a party was here also but it didn’t feel too crowded. There is a lot of space for the kids to run around. Our oldest is 11 and even she thought it was fun. Will definitely come back when we visit Joplin.

    Melissa Humphrey Avatar
    Melissa Humphrey

    positive review So much fun for all ages! We love going, it’s always so clean and the staff is amazing!

    Ashley Gaines Avatar
    Ashley Gaines

    positive review We went for the first time today & it was a fantastic experience! It is very clean, well monitored & the staff was very friendly! Concessions were very affordable too! The session was full but it was not overwhelmingly crowded which was great! We will definitely be back! 😁

    Taylor Michelle Allphin Avatar
    Taylor Michelle Allphin
  • positive review Our boy loves this place!!! The staff were friendly and helpful. They were present and I felt my kids were safe and able to play without my direct supervision from myself. The place was clean and well kept!! defiantly will recommend to to all my friends!!

    Melissa Shrimplin Avatar
    Melissa Shrimplin

    positive review We had a great time with our 2-year old. We a drove from Springfield to check it out and it was worth it! We were all worn out after! :)

    Robin Foster Avatar
    Robin Foster

    positive review great place for kiddos. safe and friendly. my daughter really it

    Judy Kay Coy Avatar
    Judy Kay Coy

    positive review We just had a birthday party here and they have the greatest customer service they went out of their way to much sure my son had a great time!! We will be having many birthdays here in the future!! I highly recommend them!!

    Kelsey Freeborn Avatar
    Kelsey Freeborn
  • positive review I love bringing my kids here. The prices are great and the staff are super friendly!

    Jennifer Brierty Deardorff Avatar
    Jennifer Brierty Deardorff

    positive review is a very nice elegant place for children

    Kylee Tipton Avatar
    Kylee Tipton

    positive review I highly recommend! All their staff were extremely friendly and very observant when supervising the children. Always had smile and showed they enjoyed being there.

    Cassie Welch Avatar
    Cassie Welch

    positive review This place is so much fun!! We had the best time ever!! The staff was excellent!!! Definitely recommend this place for a birthday party or just to come have fun!! All of the kiddos loved it!! Can’t wait to come back!!

    Ashton Whitledge Avatar
    Ashton Whitledge
  • Highly recommend! Staff was very nice and helpful! Our family with ages 2, 3, 8 & 9 year olds all had a wonderful time! They can’t wait to go back!!

    Amy Gastel Atnip Avatar
    Amy Gastel Atnip

    positive review We had a great time tonight celebrating a friend’s birthday. I was impressed with how clean the facility was, and how attentive and friendly the staff were!

    Tera Elizabeth Miller Avatar
    Tera Elizabeth Miller

    positive review We had a fantastic experience today!!!! We were very welcome, price was reasonable, super clean, my son had lots of fun, staff very friendly and they interacted with the kids. We will be back!

    Karina Zola Avatar
    Karina Zola

    positive review Great staff. Super kid and family friendly. If you have kids this a must do!

    Kenan Klein Avatar
    Kenan Klein
  • positive review There are simply not enough good things to say about Ocean Adventures. This facility is a dream come true for Joplin. Affordable!! So affordable! Clean! It still has that brand new smell, and look, several months in. Friendly, amazing staff. We have visited several times, and look forward to continuing to support this small business.

    Kayla Hyland Avatar
    Kayla Hyland

    positive review This place is fantastic. We had our daughter's birthday party here and it was great. It's very clean and the stuff is incredibly sweet. Also great prices for parties and to just play!

    Angela Henning Avatar
    Angela Henning

    positive review very nice place staff was nice and entracted with the kids, clean, and had the best prices I have ever seen in awhileg

    Candace Herzog-Hines Avatar
    Candace Herzog-Hines

    positive review We love this place. Safe and clean. My son can’t wait to have his 5th bday party here in a few weeks after how awesome his 4th birthday turned out here💕💕

    Mercedes Elise Bragg Avatar
    Mercedes Elise Bragg
  • positive review I definitely recommend! It was a blast and the people were amazing!

    Kayla DeIvernois Avatar
    Kayla DeIvernois

    positive review The owner Billy and his crew at Oceans are amazing! Not only is this place awesome for little kids, but Billy and his workers always provide great service and make sure the kids have lots of safe fun! Billy went out of his way to accommodate our party after a wind storm knocked out the power across town and had to start the party 45 minutes later than expected. It wasn’t their fault at all and yet they still bent over backwards to make sure we had a great time! I hope Joplin and the surrounding areas continue to support this awesome business! They deserve it!

    Amanda Hurn Avatar
    Amanda Hurn

    positive review I love this place. I love that Joplin finally has a place like this for kids. I appreciate the social media presence and the staff keeping us updated on everything such as when sessions are full. I believe it’s a very affordable 2-hour fun!

    Andrea Brooks Avatar
    Andrea Brooks

    positive review Lovely people. Wonderful place for children to play.

    Tracy Garrett-Curtis Avatar
    Tracy Garrett-Curtis