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We hope you had a positive play experience on your most recent visit. We work hard to maintain an affordable, safe, clean, and fun destination for your family. We hope you will share your review to help others find us for their next family fun adventure.

Here’s What Our Past Guests Have to Say:

  • positive review Lovely people. Wonderful place for children to play.

    Tracy Garrett-Curtis Avatar
    Tracy Garrett-Curtis

    positive review We had a great time tonight celebrating a friend’s birthday. I was impressed with how clean the facility was, and how attentive and friendly the staff were!

    Tera Elizabeth Miller Avatar
    Tera Elizabeth Miller

    positive review i had my grandsons birthday party there. its awesome

    Bonnie Mullins Avatar
    Bonnie Mullins

    positive review Today was our first visit and it was the best time the kids could have had on a chilly Sunday! Definitely going back!

    Sarahi Serrano Avatar
    Sarahi Serrano
  • positive review I definitely recommend! It was a blast and the people were amazing!

    Kayla DeIvernois Avatar
    Kayla DeIvernois

    positive review A Super fun place to take your kiddos.
    We had such an amazing time playing. Its such a clean and friendly environment.

    Elisama Valle Draeger Avatar
    Elisama Valle Draeger

    positive review such a great place to play & the staff are great playing too

    Stephanie Dube Avatar
    Stephanie Dube

    positive review My cousin was here for a visit for Thanksgiving from a huge city in Texas. She is guardian for two special needs daughters. The owners and staff were absolutely amazing and she said the facility was as great as any in a city twice this size. Way to go Oceans and thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating our girls with so much TLC and understanding. Even the other guests were cordial and kind! Thank you Joplin for being such a great city!

    Bonnie J. Powers Avatar
    Bonnie J. Powers
  • positive review It’s going to be awesome. The quality of the play equipment is second to none. The staff will be highly trained and qualified to make your child’s experience fun and memorable.

    Kerry Scott Avatar
    Kerry Scott

    positive review We love this place. It’s clean! That’s really important to us because my son has a food allergy. They don’t allow food and drinks on the play structure and clean regularly. The staff is present - playing with the kids and making sure everyone is safe and enjoying themselves. It’s more like going over to someone’s home because they really seem to care and enjoy what they do.

    Lisa Tiess Shariffskul Avatar
    Lisa Tiess Shariffskul

    positive review Such a fun place to let the kiddos get energy out!!

    Laura McMullin Turner Avatar
    Laura McMullin Turner

    positive review super fun , super clean and super happy kids!

    Mikki Jean Werner Avatar
    Mikki Jean Werner
  • positive review My grandson had a delightful time. The staff was very engaging and attentive. This will be our new go to fun spot.

    Shawna Gannaway Avatar
    Shawna Gannaway

    positive review My grandkids birthday party was here and the staff was amazing - so helpful and kind. Everything was so clean and nice! Kids and adults had a blast! Highly recommend!

    Karen Bartholomaus Reasoner Avatar
    Karen Bartholomaus Reasoner

    positive review Great prices and staff. Very clean and fun environment. 5 out of 5 stars!! We definitely will be going back.

    Dy Wallis Avatar
    Dy Wallis

    positive review Very enjoyable and safe. Clean!!!

    Gin Taylor Carver Avatar
    Gin Taylor Carver
  • positive review 10 stars ✨👏👏 the place was very clean, staff was incredibly kind and willing to go the extra mile for all the kiddos to have a good time. There was even a little disabled boy who wanted to play but the parents couldn’t go in with him and all of the staff took turns carrying him up to the slides and “racing” down with him. Melted my heart, and everyone else’s in the room! Way to run a business y’all! ❤️

    Jamie Whorton Avatar
    Jamie Whorton

    positive review We loved the little squirt area for the baby, and the bigger kids and parents really enjoyed the slides. Loved that they have had cleaning stations and encourage it. Only thing I needed was maybe a high chair in the eating area. Great place and loads of fun !!

    Michele Graves Avatar
    Michele Graves

    positive review a lot of fun for the kids

    Carla Chew Avatar
    Carla Chew

    positive review Clean, family fun! Staff is great, prices for snacks are great too!! Very fun place for kids!

    Kirsten Wolf Avatar
    Kirsten Wolf
  • positive review The kids had a blast. I will definitely be back!

    Kortney Zigmunt Avatar
    Kortney Zigmunt

    positive review Always a good time! We love going there.

    Alyssa Elaine Adams Avatar
    Alyssa Elaine Adams

    positive review There are simply not enough good things to say about Ocean Adventures. This facility is a dream come true for Joplin. Affordable!! So affordable! Clean! It still has that brand new smell, and look, several months in. Friendly, amazing staff. We have visited several times, and look forward to continuing to support this small business.

    Kayla Hyland Avatar
    Kayla Hyland

    positive review Clean facility, friendly staff and super cheap. Also really appreciate that it's toddler friendly. Will come back!

    Holly Kralicek Avatar
    Holly Kralicek
  • positive review Thanks for being a fun, safe place for ALL ages! Had my sons 2nd birthday party here tonight and fun was had by everyone from age 1-12!

    Heather Everett Avatar
    Heather Everett

    positive review These people are absolutely amazing!! by far the best birthday party we've ever had/thrown. they treated us like royalty. thank you all so much!!

    Xela Patryck Avatar
    Xela Patryck

    positive review This was our first time going and we had a lot of fun! It’s well kept and seems to be very clean! I’m picky with indoor playgrounds (I don’t let my son do indoor playground in the winter because normally they’re not well kept and sickness spreads so easily) but this was really pretty nice! He was washed down in sweat by the time we had to go (they keep it nice and cool inside he’s just a busy boy). He had a great time and is already asking if we can go back. Great place for $5 a time. I’d love to get a monthly pass if that was available. I went with a huge group of friends and they all said the same thing - we wish there was a month rate we could pay and just sign up to come when ever the kids need some play time. Great place to bring kids!

    Whitney Grace Lester Avatar
    Whitney Grace Lester

    positive review I LOVE taking my toddler here. I know he can run around and enjoy himself in a clean safe environment. The staff are always super helpful, especially when it comes to keeping an eye out on the little ones. I've came here before by myself with my 20 month old and 8 month old and the helpers would play with my oldest since I was busy with my youngest and even watched my youngest for me so I could play with oldest. They even have an area for breastfeeding mothers to have some privacy which is pretty nice. Anyone I meet who has kids and doesn't know about this place I tell them all to come here, it really is the best place around here to take your kids!

    Emma Mae Gonzalez Avatar
    Emma Mae Gonzalez
  • positive review very nice place staff was nice and entracted with the kids, clean, and had the best prices I have ever seen in awhileg

    Candace Herzog-Hines Avatar
    Candace Herzog-Hines

    positive review Clean, fun-filled play place with lots to do!

    Kristian Crawford Avatar
    Kristian Crawford

    positive review Its a great place for kids to move, have fun! It's clean, safe, child- oriented. A perfect party place. And affordable! We had a blast , very brightly , happy , positive, beautifully decorated. Very friendly, nice staff.

    Julie Norman Avatar
    Julie Norman

    positive review Clean, fun and not crowded. I really appreciate the fact that there is a limit on the number of kids per time block. The girls (5, 7 & 9) had a great time!

    Lori Shields Avatar
    Lori Shields
  • positive review New place/ first visit/birthday party
    Very well put together - very appropriate pricing- glad to see something fun and affordable come to town!

    Sherry L Albright Avatar
    Sherry L Albright

    positive review we had a blast and it was our first time going very friendly faculty and cleanliness

    Holly Marie Brotton Avatar
    Holly Marie Brotton

    positive review Such a fun, clean, family friendly place!! My kids love it and we will definitely be back 😊

    Summer Sheafer Avatar
    Summer Sheafer

    positive review It’s a secure, clean and fun place! The staff even played with the kids and were so helpful!

    Krystin Marie Stroud Avatar
    Krystin Marie Stroud
  • positive review Exceeded our expectations ! Had the best 7th birthday party ever!!!

    Angela Peterson Ward Avatar
    Angela Peterson Ward

    positive review This place is great! Very clean! The staff is so friendly! My 2 year old loved it!

    Elizabeth Smith Avatar
    Elizabeth Smith

    positive review We visited for our first time today and HIGHLY recommend it! My 2 year old loved every minute. Extremely nice staff and VERY clean facility. Good assortment of cheap snacks (even some GF!). Can't wait for our next visit.

    Terra Michelle Melanson Avatar
    Terra Michelle Melanson

    positive review Our 10 month old played and had tons of fun! We went to the 12:30 and it was almost full. Mostly younger children which was perfect. Hey dad loved playing with her! The man at the desk and supervising was wonderful! We will definitely be going back!

    Nicole Noack Avatar
    Nicole Noack