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Where is Ocean Adventures Located?

We are located at 2630 S. Duquesne in Joplin, MO.

What days and hours is Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground open?

We are open Tuesday – Sunday for the following time sessions:

Tuesday – Saturday:








What is the cost of admission?

Tuesday – Thursday the cost for any 2 hour time slot is $5 (plus tax) per participant

Friday – Sunday the cost for any 2 hour time slot is $6 (plus tax) per participant

What ages are allowed to play at Ocean Adventures?

The staff at Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Our facility is designed for children; crawling to age 12. Children over the age of 12 are also welcome after agreeing to our Safe-Play Pledge and being issued a special wrist band. Adult participation will be limited to only those supervising children with a maximum weight limit of 250lbs.

Safe Play Pledge: “I promise to be a good example to the smaller children here today. It is important that everyone has fun, and I will do my part to be responsible while playing.”

Are birthday party reservations available?

Yes, we have 2 party rooms available for any time slot.

The cost of a Tuesday – Thursday time slot is $65 (plus tax).

The cost for any Friday – Sunday time slot is $85 (plus tax).

The rooms are spacious at 18’ x 20’ and will include seating for up to 25. Admission and a special gift are included for the birthday boy or girl. Paper and plastic ware also included. Room max capacity is 25 by order of the Fire Chief.

*Admission applies for all additional attending participants.

Is there a cost for adults that come to watch their children play?

Only participants are required to pay for admission. You are always welcome to watch from the carpeted areas free of charge.

Paid Admission & Wristband required for all participants entering into the “socks only” spaces. This includes children playing as well as adults.

Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground was designed as a play-together environment. It is a place where you can make lasting memories with your little ones. They will love for you to play with them!

Participation is limited to those supervising their children with a maximum weight limit of 250lbs.

Children under the age of one are FREE with paid adult admission, with a limit one child per adult.

Am I able to drop off my children to play and pick them up at the end of the time slot?

No, all participants must be under the supervision of a responsible adult over the age of 16 at all times.

Is there a check-in system?

Yes, we will be utilizing KidCheck Software to match children with parents upon entry and exit of the facility.

Can I pre-register to save time entering the facility?

Yes, please sign-up for KidCheck. Once you sign-up, we will just need your phone number for future visits. KidCheck is universal software, so if you are already registered it will show up in our system.

How will I know that the facility is clean and a safe place for my children?

At Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground, we work hard daily to build guest confidence through the condition of the facility. The staff maintains exceptional sanitary standards by utilizing commercial steam cleaners and environmentally safe chemicals to mitigate harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses. We will also utilize a commercial ball cleaning machine to routinely clean and sanitize the ball pit areas. Our commitment to you is a clean facility. Standard operating procedures will also be in place with the necessary supplies ready in the event of any issue that requires our immediate attention.  We have an hour in between each play session that we spend sanitizing all surfaces and spend close to 40 hours per week dedicated to cleaning and sanitization.

Does the playground have water features?

No, our indoor playground has an underwater theme but has no real water features.

What are the Safety Rules?

  1. Socks are required at all times.
  2. Soft Play area is for ages 3 and under only (with exception of supervising adult(s) minimum 16 years old).
  3. No rough playing is permitted. We ask all guests to be well-mannered towards others enjoying the facility.
  4. Only 1 person per slide at a time / Slide feet first / No walking up slides.
  5. No food or drink in the play areas.
  6. All participants must be under the supervision of a responsible adult minimum 16 years old.
  7. HAVE FUN!

SAFETY WARNING – DO NOT PARTICIPATE IF: You have had back, neck, shoulder, arm, heart problems, have broken bones, or spinal injuries: and lower body injuries and/or any other physical or medical problems or if you are pregnant: and injuries to the upper body especially.

It is up to you to make the right decision.